Muscle Building Guide For The Beginners

Everyone wants to build their muscles nowadays. People try different techniques to make their muscles bigger and stronger. The most common method is going to the gym for muscle building. It is often seen that despite many efforts, they end up with no muscle gain. The main reason for this failure is ignoring the basics of muscle building. Going to the gym is not the only think that would help you, but you should give proper consideration to other important details. Here are few tips for beginners to understand before starting muscle building.

  1. Don’t lift with your shoes.

Do not wear shoes while lifting heavy weights because it will enhance the leverage and reduce the distance to pull the bar. You can wear wrestling shoes or converse chuck but lifting the weight while barefoot is the best option. It will also strengthen the feet and add stability to your foot.

  1. Try medicine ball

You should throw medicine balls like passing a basketball and then slam it on the floor. At least try to do three sets of five reps. Explosive exercises activate the nervous system and help to build the muscles.

  1. Try grip tools

You should work on the muscles of your hands and forearms. You can wrap a towel on the dumbbells to make the grip thicker, and it would increase your grip. It helps to get hold of any exercise that requires a firm grip. You can make these muscle stronger without any extra work.

  1. Digestive enzymes would work for you

Off course, you are taking more calorie food to build up muscles, and this can cause gut and digestion problems. You can take digestive enzymes to improve your digestion but make sure that they contain protease, amylase and other that break down protein and starch food.

  1. Take balance diet

Taking a balanced diet is important. Many people increase the protein food but do not make the proper intake of calories, and this will not help in muscle growth.  You should take carbohydrates because it will provide energy for the exercise. You should eat multiple meals because of your need consistent energy and muscle building process.

  1. Drink water

Drinking is the most neglected part of muscle building training. A single muscle in our body can hold up to three pounds of the water, and it comprises of at least 70 percent of the body composition. So, the dehydration automatically leads to muscle shrink. So, taking water regularly is essential.

  1. Rest is the key

You should take proper rest and sleep. The hormone that builds muscles releases during sleep so, it is important to take good sleep. Further, your body need time to heal ruptured muscles, so do good rest to build your muscles again.

Muscle building is an art, and the secret of this art is the healthier lifestyle. The more you indulge in a healthy way of life, the more it will help to build you muscle and enhance your attractiveness along with the beauty.

Hugh Jackman Supplements That You May Adopt To Get A Towering Presence

A muscular body draws attention from all the corners and that is why you all want to have a body that you can flaunt with ease. One of the best sources of inspiration that you have while looking to build a body is the physique of Hugh Jackman in the movie that will make anyone love you. Especially when you are looking to come in the Hollywood, getting such a body will definitely bolster your chances in the industry and give you recognition.

You can also look for the Hugh Jackman supplements that were used by the actor for getting the wolverine look to assist you in the body building. You must know that bodybuilding is the combination of time that you spend in gym along with the diet plan that you follow and the hormone enhancing supplements that you have on a regular basis. The body of the famous celebrities which drive you crazy is a combination of both these factors combined. To help you out in having a better physique like a celebrity of the caliber of Hugh Jackman, here are some key points from his workout and diet plan from the movie Wolverine:

Physical workout plan:

The physical workout plan of the actor for the movie was a rigorous one and he achieved the shape of a wolverine in just four weeks. Here is week by week description of his workout plan:

  • In the first week, the focus was more on getting the strength and agility so the focus was more on the squats and pull up exercises with a little bit of weight training.
  • In the second week, the number of chain pull up and push ups are reduced slightly and the focus is more on the weight training with weighted pull up, bench press and other exercises being given more focus.
  • In the third week, a better combination between the strength and agility physical moves was maintained by slightly increasing the agility exercise from week 2.
  • The last week is the most important week, where the actor trained heavily on both the weights and agility and stamina moves like stretching, running, squatting and dead lifts to get in the shape that you all loved him. If you want to have the same body, you can follow the four week plan but make sure that you are putting all that you have in the last week.

Physical hormone supplements:

In order to work so intensely and getting such a bulky body, you also need to eat very much to have the strength and the hormone supplements assist heavily in this facet. The major supplements used by Hugh Jackman for wolverine are Whey Protein and Creatine powder. Whey protein helps in giving the strength that your body needs and shapes the muscles while also assists in the building of muscles.

The creatine powder also helps to a great deal in intensive schedule to enhance the performance and you must add them to your workout plan to have a wolverine style body.